Marketing Look Back on 2020 with the NFL and NBA

Speakers: Chad Newell, CEO, Snapwire Dane Storrusten, Sr. Creative Director, NFL Daniel Casados, Director of Game Presentation, Clippers

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2020 has been a year of challenges across the personal and professional spectrum. One of the bright spots is seeing the sports industry come together in the fight against injustices and demonstrate a resilience in response to COVID-19. Hear the NFL and Clippers as they discuss key takeaways, specific challenges, and opportunities for marketers and the industry in 2021. After a kickoff presentation, our industry experts will take your questions live.

In this webinar we will cover:

  • How the sports industry's marketing teams came together to create messaging, branding, and execution of campaigns
  • Their favorite initiatives and what they would like to carry-into 2021
  • Some of the biggest challenges of 2020 for sports leagues and teams, as well as what they did to overcome them
  • The balance of empathy alongside business goals, while staying creative